After earning a Bachelor of Science at Texas A&M University, Robert Plunkett’s career began at Malmstrom AFB in 2004. He was an engineer and maintenance officer for the Minuteman III ICBM and led 3 maintenance shops. In January 2008 he moved to Johnson Space Center and began supporting DOD Payloads on the Space Shuttle and the ISS. In 2009 Robert earned a Master of Science focusing on small satellite controls from NC State University.

Robert transitioned to MEI Technologies, Inc. (now Aegis Aerospace) in 2011. His roles culminated in a promotion to the Program Manager of the NASA Research, Engineering, and Mission Integration Services (REMIS), and DoD contracts in 2018.

In January 2022, he started at The Aerospace Corporation where he provides mission assurance leadership to Space Test Program (STP) and other missions. Robert was instrumental in developing rapid, low-cost, multi-payload platforms and satellites. He has successfully led 135 payloads across 64 missions.  

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