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Winners receive an initial $200,000 to develop their flight-ready systems. During System Build Round 1 and System Build Round 2, winners will have the opportunity to win awards of $200,000 and $100,000 each. During the Performance Incentive Phase, winners will integrate their system with a payload and vehicle assigned by NASA for an additional award of $150,000 each.
Houston, TX
The Easy-to-use Payload Interoperable Integration Carrier (EPIIC) is a 1U-12U modular experiment and payload adapter designed around the CubeSat construct, enabling simple, rapid and interchangeable integration onto Flight Opportunities vehicles and lunar landers. The design optimizes mass and volume, and leverages spaceflight-proven hardware.
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Reno, NV
Ecoatoms’ Apparatus for Nominal Integration with Minimal Adaptations (A.N.I.M.A) is a three-part solution consisting of an interchangeable adaptor on the side of the vehicle, a universal connector and an on-board computer that is designed to take payloads from suborbital to lunar with minimal adaptations.
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UCLA SPACE Institute - ELFIN Student Team
Los Angeles, CA
The low-cost and student-developed Software-Defined Payload Interface (SDPI) leverages prior successful flight engineering experience at UCLA. The key enabling technology is the use of the SmartFusion2 system-on-a-chip which combines a low-power ARM processor with an FPGA, allowing the customer to define the digital and power interfaces via software.
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Photo Credit: NASA
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